April 12, 2016 - High Stakes Testing Forum at Norton Middle School!

State senators will vote this week on a bill that addressesthe issue of Commonwealth charter schools, and they need to hear from MTAmembers right away to ensure that public education and the interests of educatorsand students are protected. Please send a message to your state senator by clickinghere

       Here is the background on the MTA's position. 

       Well-financed supporters of charter school expansion arebacking a ballot question that would allow up to 12 new charter schools eachyear anywhere in the state. The MTA is part of the Massachusetts EducationJustice Alliance, a coalition of community groups, parents and unions that cametogether to take on the many issues challenging our public schools: lack offunding, high-stakes testing, a rigid accountability regime, and Commonwealthcharter school expansion. The coalition has organized a campaign called SaveOur Public Schools to fight the ballot question.

       The MTA supports reform of Commonwealth charter schools, butopposes lifting the cap on charter schools because, among other issues, theydrain resources from local districts, leading to the destabilization of publicschools. Click hereto see how much districts are losing. 

       Governor Charlie Baker is seeking a legislative compromiseto avoid a ballot fight in the November election. A group of senators appointedby Senate President Stanley Rosenberg unveiled a bill last week that includessome Commonwealth charter school reforms, but also includes a cap lift tied tofunding and expanded state intervention through the school accountabilitysystem.

       While many of the proposed reforms and potential fundingincreases are long overdue, the cap lift and school accountability measuresincluded in their proposal are unacceptable. 

       Given the reaction of charter proponents to the bill, it isclear that some of these reforms would help level the playing field. As thebill moves through the legislative process, however, we need to make surethat any cap lift compromise is ultimately defeated.

       All this makes it crucial that state senators hear from MTAmembers today.

       Please click here to joinyour fellow MTA members in making our voices heard.

So proud of our President for his contribution to the MTA’s video series of teachers discussing just how high stakes testing impacts our classrooms.


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